Name the Technology that Has Helped Scientists to Propagate on a Large Scale the Desired Crops in a Short Duration. List the Steps Carried Out to Propagate the Crops by the Said Technique. - Biology

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Name the technology that has helped scientists to propagate on a large scale the desired crops in a short duration. List the steps carried out to propagate the crops by the said technique.

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Tissue culture is the technique that has helped scientists propagate the desired crops on a large scale in a short duration.

The following steps are carried out to propagate crops by tissue culture:

  • Tissue culture is the process of developing a complete plant from a part of a plant. The plant part is called an explant.

  • Explants can be grown in sterile conditions in special nutrient media to regenerate complete plants.

  • Nutrient media contain a carbon source (such as sucrose), organic salts, vitamins, amino acids and phytohormones.

  • Hence, propagation is achieved for a large number of plants in a short duration. This process is called micropropagation.

  • All the plants obtained by tissue culture are called somaclones since they are genetically identical to each other as well as the parent plant.


Concept: Tissue Culture
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