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Name the Principal Players in the Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka. How Do You Assess the Prospects of the Resolution of this Conflict? - Political Science

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Name the principal players in the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. How do you assess the prospects of the resolution of this conflict?

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The principal players in the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka were Sinhala and Sri Lankan Tamils.

After its independence, politics in Sri Lanka was dominated by the interests of Sinhala community who was hostile to Tamils, who migrated from India to be settled there. Sinhalese presumed Sri Lanka to be belonged to them only, hence no concession should be given to Tamils. This created militant Tamil nationalism i. e. ‘Ethnic conflict’.

Despite the revenges of internal conflict Sri Lanka has maintained democratic political system and registered considerable economic growth and high level of human development.

Concept: Ethnic Conflict and Democracy in Sri Lanka
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NCERT Class 12 Political Science - Contemporary World Politics
Chapter 5 Contemporary South Asia
Exercise | Q 5 | Page 80
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