Name the Function of Marketing Which is Concerned with the Cost and Location of Target Market. - Business Studies


Name the function of marketing which is concerned with the cost and location of target market.



The function of marketing which is concerned with the cost and location of the target market is ‘Transportation’.

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Name the marketing function which is concerned with informing the customers about the firm's products.

Name the marketing function which is concerned with the important decision of managing inventory

Radhika was a student of Business Studies of Class XII. Her father was a farmer who grew different varieties of rice and was well-versed about various aspects of rice cultivation. He was also selected by the government for a pilot-project on rice cultivation. As a project work in Business Studies, she decided to study the feasibility of marketing good quality rice at a reasonable price. Her father suggested her to use the Internet to gather customers' views and opinions. She found that there was a huge demand for packaged organic rice. She knew that there were no pre-determined specifications in case of rice because of which it would be difficult to achieve uniformity in the output. To differentiate the product from its competitors, she gave it the name of 'Malabari Organic Rice' and classified it into three different varieties namely — Popular, Classic and Supreme, based on the quality. She felt that these names would help her in product differentiation.
Explain the three functions of marketing, with reference to the above paragraph.

Explain the following functions of marketing:

Marketing planning

Explain the following functions of marketing:

Customer support services

Explain the following functions of marketing:
Product designing and development

Explain the following functions of marketing:

Pricing of products

A marketer of colour TV having 20% of the current market share of the country aims at enhancing the market share to 50 percent in next three years. For achieving this objective he specified an action programme. Name the function of marketing being discussed above. 

Explain Buying and Assembling, as a function of marketing. 

Mention any two facilitating functions of marketing. 

Which of the following is the function of marketing?

Zolo, a marketer of cars having 40 % of the current market share of the country aims at increasing the market share to 70% in next few years. For achieving this objective the manager of the company specified the action programme covering various aspects. Identify the function of marketing discussed above.

What are the advantages of branding to marketers of goods and services

Which of the following are the different functions performed by the intermediaries in case of nondurables.

Match the FUNCTIONS of Marketing in Column I with the appropriate ACTIVITIES in Column II.

  Column I   Column II
(1) Marketing Planning (i) Providing basis for distinguishing the product of a firm with that of the competitor.
(2) Product Designing and Development (ii) Specifying the action programmes to achieve different objectives.
(3) Branding (iii) Making the product attractive to the target customers.

Which of the following functions of marketing helps in building customer's loyalty and in promoting its sale?

Samay wanted to purchase a car with the latest standards and possessing features to minimize pollution. He saw an advertisement and subsequently visited the showroom of the company where the car was displayed. In his discussion, the marketing manager told Samay that the company is providing credit facilities, maintenance services and many other useful services on account of which the company is experiencing repeat sales and has been able to develop brand loyalty. Thus, ______ marketing function is being discussed between the marketing manager and Samay.  

Which of the following marketing functions is concerned with informing the customers about the firm's products?

In order to get feedback about its recently launched immunity-boosting ayurvedic medicine, Atulya Limited conducted an online survey using a questionnaire, to gather customer views and opinions. Identify the marketing function being used by Atulya Limited:

Marketing is a ______ process by which people interact with others in order to persuade them to act in a particular way, say to purchase a product or service rather than forcing them to do so.

Statement-I Transportation helps in creating time utility and warehousing helps in creating place utility.

Statement-II The process of classification of products into different groups on the basis of their important characteristics is known as standardization.

Choose the correct option from the options given below:

Choco Ltd. offers a wide variety of chocolate products. It has an action program of not selling its products by their generic name but under different names like Choco-silk bar, Choco-Munchy and Choco-crunchy etc. for different customer segments. All these names have great popularity and acceptability in the markets.

As the company policy the products were offered at reasonable and affordable prices for targeting a mass customer base.

During the festive season the company launched a massive promotional campaign to increase its revenue and achieve its communication objectives. The company introduced free gifts for the customers.

Their on-ground sales team delivers the product not only to the departmental stores but also to small shops, so that all segments of customers can easily get the products. They also provide information and support services to customers to ensure repeat sales.

From the viewpoint of the management function, briefly explain any four activities of marketing which the firm will be involved in, apart from the above-mentioned ones it's already performing.

Tea is produced in Assam but is carried to customers not only in this state but also in other parts of the country.

  1. Identify and explain the function of marketing that enables the marketer to achieve its goals.
  2. Enumerate any two factors that marketer should take into consideration in order to analyse the identified needs.

Paddy is grown during summer season but its demand and sale takes place throughout the year.

  1. Name and state the function of marketing which should be undertaken to reduce the gap between production and consumption of Paddy.
  2. State by giving two reasons as to why proper discharge of this function is important.


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