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Name Four Types of Coal with Percentage of Carbon Present in Each.With Uses. - Chemistry

Short Note

Name four types of coal with percentage of carbon present in each,with uses.

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Types of Coal:

  1. Peat: It is light brown in colour and contains only 50 – 60% carbon. It is the most inferior form of coal.
  2. Lignite: it contains more than 60% carbon. It is brown in colour and harder than peat.
  3. Bituminous: It has 90%, 80%, 70 – 75% carbon contents. Bituminous coal is the most common variety of coal and used as house hold coal.
  4. Anthracite: It is the purest variety of coal. Its carbon contents vary between 92 – 98%. It is hard, dense and black, difficultto ignite.

Uses of coal:

  1. Coal is used as both domestic and industrial fuel.
  2. It is used to prepare coke, coal gas and coal tar.
Concept: Uses of Diamond, Graphite, Coke, Coal, Soot
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Selina Concise Chemistry Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 9 Carbon and Its Compounds
Exercise II | Q 7.2 | Page 139
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