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Name Any Two Levels of Intelligence Below Borderline with Their Iq Range. Describe Two Characteristics of Each of the Named Levels of Intelligence Which Lie Below Borderline Level of Intelligence. - Psychology

Answer in Brief

Name any two levels of intelligence below borderline with their IQ range. Describe two characteristics of each of the named levels of intelligence which lie below borderline level of intelligence. 

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Mild mental retardation: IQ range: 55-69 (constitutes 85% of the total population with mental retardation).
Moderate mental retardation: IQ range: 40-54 (constitutes 10% of the total population with mental retardation).

Mild mental retardation:
Academics: Slow learners in school, repeats early grades but are educable. They are able to grasp concrete concepts much better than abstract concepts. They are able to read and write and solve simple mathematical problems. Comprehension comes from experience. Since their experience is limited, comprehension is limited. Sustaining attention for a long time becomes difficult for these children.

Social skills: Social adjustment is comparable to an adolescent; they have friends and adjust fast.

Moderate mental retardation:
Academics: Inadequate academic skill, not educable but trainable. With early diagnosis, parental help and. adequate training most of them can achieve considerable independence in all spheres of life.

Social skills: Might have friends but face difficulty in social situations. 

Concept: Intelligence
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