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Name and Explain Any Three Staff Locating Systems that Can Be Used in a Modem Organization. - Business Studies

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Answer in Brief

Name and explain any three staff locating systems that can be used in a modem organization. 

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Staff locating devices are as follows:

Cell Phones: Most of the companies have provided cell phones to their employees or they are possessing it on their own. Immediate contact can be made by the person from the office. If the person is not in the position to attend the call, at least he comes to know from where a call is being received.

Bells and Buzzers: Bells and buzzers are devices that produce sound on pressing a button. This button is located at the table of the superior and by pressing the button bell sounds outside his room/cabin and the sub-staff/peon to whom it is intended reaches the location of calling official.

Loud Speakers: Speakers can also be used in locating the employees. The message by the official is given to the Reception Area or other concerned employee who makes an announcement on a public speaker system to address an employee.

Concept: Sound Promotion Policy
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