Multiply: −5cd2 by − 5cd2 - Mathematics


Multiply: −5cd2 by − 5cd2



−5cd2 × −5cd2  = (−5 × −5) (cd2 × cd2)

= 25c1+1. d2+2

= 25c2d4

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Chapter 11: Algebraic Expressions - Exercise 11 (C) [Page 143]


Selina Concise Mathematics Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 11 Algebraic Expressions
Exercise 11 (C) | Q 1.03 | Page 143


Find the product of the given pair of monomial.

− 4p, 7pq

Find the product of the given pairs of monomials.

4p, 0

Obtain the volume of a rectangular box with the following length, breadth, and height, respectively.

a, 2b, 3c

Express each of the following product as a monomials and verify the result for x = 1, y = 2:

\[\left( \frac{2}{5} a^2 b \right) \times \left( - 15 b^2 ac \right) \times \left( - \frac{1}{2} c^2 \right)\]

Express each of the following product as a monomials and verify the result for x = 1, y = 2:

\[\left( \frac{4}{9}ab c^3 \right) \times \left( - \frac{27}{5} a^3 b^2 \right) \times \left( - 8 b^3 c \right)\]


Multiply : 8ab2 by − 4a3b4

Multiply: −8x and 4 − 2x − x2

Multiply: 2a2 − 5a − 4 and −3a

Multiply: 12a + 5b by 7a − b

Multiply: 2m2 − 3m − 1 and 4m2 − m − 1

Multiply: a2, ab and b2

Multiply: abx, −3a2x and 7b2x3

Multiply: −3bx, −5xy and −7b3y2

Multiply: `2"a"^3-3"a"^2"b"` and `-1/2"ab"^2`

Multiply: `2"x"+1/2"y"` and `2"x"-1/2"y"`

Find the volume of each rectangular box with given length, breadth, and height.
  Length breadth height
(i) 2ax 3by 5cz
(ii) m2n n2p p2m
(iii) 2q 4q2 8q3

Solve: ( -3x2 ) × ( -4xy)

Solve: (-12x) × 3y2

Multiply (4x2 + 9) and (3x – 2)

The length of a rectangle is `1/3` of its breadth. If its perimeter is 64 m, then find the length and breadth of the rectangle.

A total of 90 currency notes, consisting only of ₹ 5 and ₹ 10 denominations, amount to ₹ 500. Find the number of notes in each denomination.

At present, Thenmozhi’s age is 5 years more than that of Murali’s age. Five years ago, the ratio of Thenmozhi’s age to Murali’s age was 3 : 2. Find their present ages.

Three consecutive integers, when taken in increasing order and multiplied by 2, 3 and 4 respectively, total up to 74. Find the three numbers.

Product of the following monomials 4p, – 7q3, –7pq is ______.

Area of a rectangle with length 4ab and breadth 6b2 is ______.

Multiply the following:

– 7pq2r3, – 13p3q2r

Multiply the following: 

6mn, 0mn


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