Solution - Multiplication of Two Matrices



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Three schools X, Y, and Z organized a fete (mela) for collecting funds for flood victims in which they sold hand-helds fans, mats and toys made from recycled material, the sale price of each being Rs. 25, Rs. 100 andRs. 50 respectively. The following table shows the number of articles of each type sold:

School/ArticleSchool XSchool YSchool z
Hand-held fans304035

Using matrices, find the funds collected by each school by selling the above articles and the total funds collected. Also write any one value generated by the above situation.


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Three schools A, B and C organized a mela for collecting funds for helping the rehabilitation of flood victims. They sold hand made fans, mats and plates from recycled material at a cost of Rs 25, Rs 100 and Rs 50 each. The number of articles sold are given below:


Find the funds collected by each school separately by selling the above articles. Also find the total funds collected for the purpose.

Write one value generated by the above situation.

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To raise money for an orphanage, students of three schools A, B and C organised an exhibition in their locality, where they sold paper bags, scrap-books and pastel sheets made by them using recycled paper, at the rate of Rs 20, Rs 15 and Rs 5 per unit respectively. School A sold 25 paper bags, 12 scrap-books and 34 pastel sheets. School B sold 22 paper bags, 15 scrap-books and 28 pastel sheets while School C sold 26 paper bags, 18 scrap-books and 36 pastel sheets. Using matrices, find the total amount raised by each school.

By such exhibition, which values are generated in the students?

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