Conversion of nitrates to nitrogen is called ______. ammonification, nitrification, nitrogen fixation, denitrification - Biology

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Conversion of nitrates to nitrogen is called ______.


  • ammonification

  • nitrification

  • nitrogen fixation

  • denitrification



Conversion of nitrates to nitrogen is called denitrification.

Concept: Plant Hormones
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Chapter 7: Plant Growth and Mineral Nutrition - Exercises [Page 151]


Balbharati Biology 12th Standard HSC for Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 7 Plant Growth and Mineral Nutrition
Exercises | Q 1.11 | Page 151


How does chemical coordination occur in plants?

What is the general name of chemical substances which bring about control and coordination in plants?

Which of the following is not a plant hormone?

Answer the following questions briefly: 
What is Parthenocarpy? Give one example. 

Apical dominance phenomenon is caused by

Which of the following hormones regulate stomatal colour?

Auxins are abundantly produced in

Common gibberellin is

Name the following.

Growth retarding hormone in plants.

Name the following.

Main auxin found in most plants.

List five plant growth hormones and briefly describe their roles.

The tea plants are never allowed to grow lengthwise. This is done by cutting their apical buds, a process known as pruning. In this way, tea plants get a dense growth and easy yield. Answer the following question :

Name the scientific phenomenon that is being overcome by pruning.

The figure given below show the stages of ripening in a banana. Answer the question that follow:

Name the plant hormone responsible for the above changes.

Answer the following question.

What are plant hormones? Name the plant hormones responsible for the following:

  1. Growth of stem
  2. Promotion of cell division
  3. Inhibition of growth
  4. Elongation of cells

Very Short Answer Question:

Which is the plant stress hormone?

Very Short Answer Question:

What is role of gibberellin in rosette plants?

First natural cytokinin was obtained from ______.

Buyers often complain that a particular fruit merchant uses some chemical to ripen fruits in his shop.

Name the chemical he must be using to do so.

Why is ABA known as antitranspirant?

Name the tissue that transports hormones within the plant body?

A gardener wants to give bushy appearance to plants in our college campus.

  1. What should he do to achieve the same? 
  2. Which property of phytohormones he must be aware of?

Write the name of Hormone that can overcome the requirement of vernalization.

Name the phytohormone related with the given phenomenon.

  1. Apical dominance
  2. Bolting of Cabbage 
  3. Artificial ripening of fruit
  4. Acts as Anti-transpirant by closing stomata

Write full form of  2,4-D

Which hormone promotes the production of male flowers in Cucurbits?

Which hormone induces parthenocarpy in tomatoes?

Which hormone induces parthenocarpy in tomatoes?

Which of the following is a NOT a naturally occurring phytohormone?

The active ingredient of Agent Orange is an egual mixture of two phenoxy herbicides ____________.

Cause of degreening is ______.

Coleoptile tips were removed and placed on agar for one hour, the agar would produce a bending when placed on one side of freshly cut coleoptile stumps.

What is the significance of the above experiment performed by Dr. F. Went?

In which part of plant does auxin synthesis occur?

Flowering in pineapple is promoted by ____________.

First cytokinin was discovered by Skoog and Miller while working on tissue culture of ____________ plant.

Antidiuresis is the role of ______ hormone.

Identify the INCORRECT statement regarding physiological effects of ethylene.

IAA stands for ______.

Name the plant hormones responsible for the following

  1. elongation of cells
  2. growth of stem
  3. promotion of cell division
  4. falling of senescent leaves.

Name various plant hormones. Also give their physiological effects on plant growth and development.

A plant growth inhibitor hormone which causes wilting of leaves is ______.


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