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Multicellular Organisms Have Division of Labour. Explain - Biology

Multicellular organisms have division of labour. Explain.

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Division of labour is differentiation of certain components or parts to perform different functions for increased efficiency and higher survival. Multicellular organisms often possess millions of cells. Various cells are grouped together to form specific tissue, organ or organ system, with each specialised to perform particular function. Every cell of a multicellular organism cannot obtain food from outside. The organism requires a system for obtaining food, its digestion and distribution. Therefore, a digestive system and system of transport are also required. Certain cells of the body take over the function of reproduction. Others take part in repair and replacement of worn out or injured portions. For optimum functioning of cells, a multicellular organism also requires an internal favourable environment. Therefore, multicellular organisms come to have division of labour.

Concept: Overview of Cell
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NCERT Class 11 Biology Textbook
Chapter 8 Cell: The Unit of Life
Q 9 | Page 141
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