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Ms. Chitra Opened a Saving Bank Account with Sbi on 05.04.2007 with a Cheque Deposit of Rs 11,000/. - Mathematics


Ms. Chitra opened a saving bank account with SBI on 05.04.2007 with a cheque deposit of Rs 11,000/.Subsequently, she took out Rs 3,200/- on 12.05.2007; deposited a cheque of Rs. 8,800/- on 03.06.2007 and paid Rs 2,000/- by cheque on 18.06.2007.

Make the entries in her passbook

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Make the entries in her passbook 

Date Particular Withdrawals Deposits Balance
05.04.2007 By Cheque   11000.00 11000.00
12.05.2007 To Self 3200.00   7800.00
03.06.2007 By Cheque   8800.00 16600.00
18.06.2007 To Cheque 2000.00   14600.00
Concept: Bank
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Frank ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Part 2
Chapter 3 Banking
Exercise 3.1 | Q 2.1 | Page 45
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