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Mrs. Mathur Sent a Jacket to a Laundry Shop in January 2018. the Jacket Was Purchased at a Price of Rs. 4,500. - Business Studies

Answer in Brief

Mrs. Mathur sent a jacket to a laundry shop in January 2018. The jacket was purchased at a price of Rs. 4,500. She had previously sent the jacket for dry cleaning with Shine Dry Cleaners and the jacket was cleaned well. However, she noticed that her jacket had white discoloration marks when she collected the jacket this time. On informing the dry cleaner, Mrs. Mathur received a letter confirming that discolouration indeed appeared after the jacket was dry cleaned. She contacted the dry cleaner multiple times and requested for compensation for discoloured jacket but to no avail.

Upon Consumer court’s intervention, Shine Dry Cleaners agreed to compensate Rs. 2,500 to Mrs. Mathur for the discoloured jacket.

a. Which right was exercised by Mrs. Mathur at the first instance.

b. Name and explain the right which helped Mrs. Mathur to avail the compensation.

c. State which consumer responsibility has been fulfilled by Mrs. Mathur in the above case.

d. State any other two responsibilities to be assumed by the consumers.

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a. Right to seek Redressal

b. Right to seek Redressal is the right which helped Mrs Mathur to avail the compensation. Here consumer has a right to get relief in case the product or service falls short of his expectations. The Consumer Protection Act provides a number of reliefs to the consumers including replacement of the product, removal of a defect in the product, compensation paid for any loss or injury suffered by the consumer, etc.

c. Mrs Mathur has been fulfilled with the consumer responsibility of File a complaint in an appropriate consumer forum in case of a shortcoming in the quality of goods purchased or services.

d. i. Buy only standardised goods as they provide quality assurance. Thus, look for ISI mark on electrical goods, FPO mark on food products, Hallmark on jewellery etc.

ii. Read labels carefully so as to have information about prices, net weight, manufacturing and expiry dates, etc.

Concept: Role of Consumer Organizations and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)
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NCERT Class 12 Business Studies Part 2 - Business Finance and Marketing
Chapter 4 Consumer Protection
Long Answer | Q 6 | Page 360
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