Mr. X Drives to His Office at an Average Speed of 48 Km per Hour. the Time Taken to Cover the First 60% of the Distance is 10 Minutes More than the Time Taken to Cover the Remaining Distance. How Far - Mathematics

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Mr. X drives to his office at an average speed of 48 km per hour. The time taken to cover the first 60% of the distance is 10 minutes more than the time taken to cover the remaining distance. How far is his office?


  • 30 km

  • 40 km

  • 45 km

  • 48 km

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40 km
Let the distance of office = x

Then, `(60%of   x)/48-(40%of   x)/48=10/60`

⇒ `(60xxx)/(100xx48)-(40xxx)/(100xx48)=1/6`

⇒ `(6x-4x)/(10xx48)=1/6`

⇒ `2x=(10xx48)/6=80`

⇒ x = 40 km

Concept: Time, Distance and Speed(Entrance Exam)
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