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Mr. Mohan Kumar, is the Owner of Jason’S Enterprises, Carrying on the Business of Manufacturing Sanitary Items. There is a Lot of Discontentment in the Organization and the Targets Are Not Being Met. - Business Studies

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Mr. Mohan Kumar, is the owner of Jason’s Enterprises, carrying on the business of manufacturing sanitary items. There is a lot of discontentment in the organization and the targets are not being met. He asked his son Ritesh, who has recently completed his MBA, to find out the reason. Ritesh found that his father did not have confidence in the competency of employees and was not seeking their advice or opinion. There was also lack of transparency in the operations of the business. Thus, the employees were not happy.

a. Identify any two communication barriers because of which ‘Jason’s Enterprises’ was not able to achieve its targets.

b. State one more barrier each of the type identified in part (a) above

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a. Two communication barriers due to which jason enterprises was unable to accomplish their targets are as follows.

i. Barriers at personal level – Clear lines of communication are hindered by personal barriers present in an organization. This happens when management does not entrust its confidence in employees. Managers should conduct discussions and ask employees for inputs to ensure that such barriers are resolved.

ii. Barriers at organizational level– Policies that suppress the initiatives to empower employees such as centralization of all decisions, high attrition rates, low perks etc results in dissatisfaction among employees. This dissatisfaction hinders their performance.

b. i. One barrier at organizational level is “Rigid code of conduct”. If an organization follows extremely rigid rules and regulations, all its employees remain suppressed and dissatisfies. Organizations should promote good communication lines with their employees.

ii. One barrier at personal level is “Disregard and fear”. When managers do no appreciate employees for their contribution, employees lose their motivation to perform. Also, fear blocks all lines of their communication with managers. This result in personal barriers

Concept: Barriers to Effective Communication
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