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Mr. Mirza’S Monthly Income is Rs. 7,200. He Spends Rs. 1,800 on Rent, Rs. 2,700 on Food, Rs. 900 on the Education of His Children; Rs. 1,200 on Other Things and Saves the Rest. - Mathematics


Mr. Mirza’s monthly income is Rs. 7,200. He spends Rs. 1,800 on rent, Rs. 2,700 on food, Rs. 900 on the education of his children; Rs. 1,200 on Other things and saves the rest.
Draw a pie-chart to represent it.

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Name of items Expenditure/Saving in Rupees Central angle
Rent 1800 `1800/7200 xx 360^circ = 90^circ`
food 2700 `2700/7200 xx 360^circ = 135^circ`
Education 900 `900/7200 xx 360^circ = 45^circ`
Others 1200 `1200/7200 xx 360^circ = 60^circ`
Saving 600 `600/7200 xx 360^circ = 30^circ`
Total 7200 `360^circ`
Concept: Graphical Representation of Data
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Selina Concise Mathematics Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 22 Data Handling
Exercise 22 (B) | Q 2 | Page 252
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