Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationSSLC (English Medium) Class 10th
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Mr. Anand Tony, director of the award winning movie ‘Poo’, is meeting the press. Take turns to be the director and media persons. Conduct a perfect discussion. - English

Answer in Brief

Mr. Anand Tony, director of the award-winning movie ‘Poo’, is meeting the press. Take turns to be the director and media person. Conduct a perfect discussion.

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Mr. Anand tony (director) Thank you.
Media Person 1 Why did you choose the title “Poo”?
Mr. Anand tony (director) The heroine is gentle and sensitive to the feelings of the person she loves and lives in the fond hope that he is living somewhere happily.
Media Person 2 What makes the film so appealing to the masses across the world?
Mr. Anand tony (director) I think that the disillusionment caused by the shattering of two different dreams of two different people for one person has touched a chord in the hearts of people because people do have dreams not only for themselves but they have dreams for others. When the dream for others fails, it hurts deep especially when the dream is nurtured for decades. The main aspects of this film are the selfless, deep love and admiration that Maari (Parvathy) develops for her cousin Thangarasu (Srikanth) and the love and expectations of a poor, hardworking father (Ram) to his son Thangarasu.
Media person 3 Which song do you like very much from this movie? Why?
Mr. Anand tony (director) Avaramboo sung by Chinmayee is a masterpiece. Poet Muthukumar has beautifully expressed the feelings of Maari in his excellent lyrics and the scenes tell the story in a nutshell.
Media Person 4 Why have you shown Thangaraju as a failure?
Mr. Anand tony (director) Well, many think that money through marriage or good alliance can change the fortune of hardworking people. Wealth may earn respect from outsiders but if a woman fails to respect the feelings of her husband he will be through hell. Real wealth in life is love. Thangarasu’s father realizes what his son has lost very late. Happiness is the most precious wealth.
Media Persons We wish you many more success in life. Sir, thank you for your time.
Concept: Speaking Skills (Class 10th)
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