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Moving One by One Step Away from the Expected with the Graphics and Photography Can Also Create Reader’S Interest. Try Using a Conceptual Image Or Photo to Highlight Your Main Message Versus - English Language



In the following questions, a group of sentences about a single topic are given. One or more of the sentence(s) is/are grammatically incorrect. You have to identify the incorrect sentence(s).

  1. Moving one by one step away from the expected with the graphics and photography can also create reader’s interest.
  2. Try using a conceptual image or photo to highlight your main message versus very first thing to come to mind when thinking about your product of services.
  3. Another form of contrast is in the actual design.
  4. An unusual fold in a brochure or direct mail piece can add excitement.


  • I and II

  • II and III 

  • I and IV

  • No error


I and II are the correct options.

Concept: Incorrect/Correct Sentences (Entrance Exams)
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