Solution - Draw a Neat and Labelled Diagram of Suspended Coil Type Moving Coil Galvanometer. - Moving Coil Galvanometer



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Draw a neat and labelled diagram of suspended coil type moving coil galvanometer.


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Why is it necessary to introduce a cylindrical soft iron core inside the coil of a galvanometer?

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A rectangular coil of a moving coil galvanometer contains 50 turns each having area 12 cm2 . It is suspended in radial magnetic field 0.025 Wb/m2 by a fibre of twist constant 15 x10-10 Nm/degree. Calculate the sensitivity of the moving coil galvanometer.

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A galvanometer of resistance G is converted into a voltmeter to measure upto V volts by connecting a resistance R1 in series with the coil. If a resistance R2 is connected in series with it, then it can measures upto V/2 volts. Find the resistance, in terms of R1 and R2, required to be connected to convert it into a voltmeter that can read upto 2 V. Also find the resistance G of the galvanometer in terms of R1 and R2

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An ideal voltmeter has _______.

(A) low resistance

(b) high resistance

(C) infinite resistance

(D) zero resistance

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a) A circular coil of 30 turns and radius 8.0 cm carrying a current of 6.0 A is suspended vertically in a uniform horizontal magnetic field of magnitude 1.0 T. The field lines make an angle of 60º with the normal of the coil. Calculate the magnitude of the counter torque that must be applied to prevent the coil from turning.

(b) Would your answer change, if the circular coil in (a) were replaced by a planar coil of some irregular shape that encloses the same area? (All other particulars are also unaltered.)

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Solution for question: Draw a Neat and Labelled Diagram of Suspended Coil Type Moving Coil Galvanometer. concept: Moving Coil Galvanometer. For the courses 12th HSC Science (Computer Science), 12th HSC Science (Electronics), 12th HSC Science (General)