Solution - Motion in Combined Electric and Magnetic Fields - Cyclotron



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Which one of the following particles cannot be accelerated by a cyclotron?

(A) Electrons

(B) Protons

(C) Deuterons

(D) α- particles


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In Exercise 4.11 obtain the frequency of revolution of the electron in its circular orbit. Does the answer depend on the speed of the electron? Explain.

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State the underlying principle of a cyclotron. Write briefly how this machine is used to accelerate charged particles to high energies

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Deduce an expression for the frequency of revolution of a charged particle in a magnetic field and show that it is independent of velocity or energy of the particle.

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In a cyclotron, magnetic field of 3·5Wb/m2 is used to accelerate protons. What should be the time interval in which the electric field between the Dees be reversed?
(Mass of proton = 1· 67 x 10-27Kg, Charge on proton =1·6x10-19c).

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Show that the time period of revolution of particles in a cyclotron is independent of their speeds. Why is this property necessary for the operation of a cyclotron?

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