Most People Find His Poetry______________ and Mysterious. - English Language

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Fill in the blank of the following sentence by using the most appropriate word from the options given below the sentence.
Most people find his poetry______________ and mysterious.


  • Eerie

  • Esoteric

  • Enchanting

  • Strange

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Option Eerie is wrong because of eerie means strange and frightening. There is no reference to 'frightening' in the statement.
Option Esoteric is right because esoteric means understood by few people with special interest. Something which is mysterious is something which is not understood by everybody.
Option Enchanting is wrong because enchanting is a positive word and esoteric is more correct in this scheme of the statement.
Option Strange is wrong because strange is more of a repetition of mystery.

Concept: Fill in the Blanks (Entrance Exams)
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