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Monica Has a Piece of Canvas Whose Area is 551 M2. She Uses It to Have a Conical Tent Made, With a Base Radius of 7m. Assuming that All the Stitching Margins and Wastage Incurred While Cutting, Amou - Mathematics

Monica has a piece of Canvas whose area is 551 m2. She uses it to have a conical tent made, with a base radius of 7m. Assuming that all the stitching margins and wastage incurred while cutting, amounts to approximately 1 m2. Find the volume of the tent that can be made with it.

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Given that, 

Area of canvas ` 551m^2` and area of the canvas lost in wastage is `1m^2` 

∴ area of canvas available for making the tent is `(551-1)m^2=550m^2.`

SA of tent =`550m^2` required base radius of conical tent= 7m 

CSA of tent=`550m^2  `



`⇒l=550/22=25m ` 

Now, WKT 


`⇒(25)^2-(7)^2=h^2 ` 

`⇒ h=sqrt(625-49)` 


So, the volume of the conical tent =`1/3pir^2h` 

`= 1/3xx3.14xx(7xx7)(24)m^3=1232m^3`

Concept: Surface Area of a Right Circular Cone
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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 20 Surface Areas and Volume of A Right Circular Cone
Exercise 20.2 | Q 15 | Page 21
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