Mohit Gupt a is Working with 'Yellow Security Services Ltd.'A. Name the Source of Recruitment Used by 'Yellow Security Services Ltd.' B. State Any One Disadvantage of this Source of Recruitment. C. Identify the Need of 'Security Guards' Which is Being Fulfilled by the Company as per Maslow'S Need Hierarchy. D. Identify Any Two Values Communicated to the Society in the Above-stated Case. - Business Studies

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Mohit Gupta is working with 'Yellow Security Services Ltd.' He is also recruiting security guards for the company. The company provide security services in Delhi and Noida at short notice to various companies. The guards are recruited on a temporary basis. The guards provided by this company are known for their honesty and punctuality. Mohit Gupta is well known in his village for providing employment to unskilled people

a. Name the source of recruitment used by 'Yellow Security Services Ltd.'
b. State any one disadvantage of this source of recruitment.
c. Identify the need of 'Security Guards' which is being fulfilled by the company as per Maslow's need hierarchy.
d. Identify any two values communicated to the society in the above-stated case.

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a. 'Yellow Security Services Ltd.' has used external sources of recruitment.
b. A disadvantage of using an external source of recruitment is that it creates dissatisfaction among existing employees. This is because when the organisation uses external sources of recruitment, then employees’ chances of getting promoted are reduced.
c. 'Security Guards' fulfil the basic physiological needs according to the Maslow hierarchy of needs. These needs are the most basic needs in the hierarchy of needs which are essential for survival and sustenance. For example, the need for food, clothing and shelter. In terms of an organisation, the requirement of a basic salary is a physiological need.
d. Two values communicated to society in the stated case:

  • Promotion of honesty and punctuality
  • Providing employment opportunities to unskilled people
Concept: Staffing - Recruitment Process
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