Social Science: Political Parties - Major National and Regional Parties in India/ Types of Political Parties


Why cannot modern democracies exist without political parties? Explain.



Modern democracies are societies that provides a mode of consistent representation of interests in it. The mechanism of political parties and party systems facilitate this. The following points will help us to understand why modern democracies cannot exist without political parties.

Political parties come up with promises for policy change. In case there is no such change, democracy will lose its dynamism and will not be able to mould according to existing times.

They ensures that a leader remains accountable to be the people. This function is exercised both by the parties in power and the opposition. The leaders of the majority party remain in constant touch with the people and have the fear of putting at stake the reputation of the political party if any wrong step is taken. Also, the opposition who criticises the wrong decisions of the ruling party can facilitate their downfall.

The proper functioning of a representative democracy is only possible through a proper party system

Concept: Major National and Regional Parties in India/ Types of Political Parties
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What is ‘ruling party’?

Nationalist Congress Party has great influence in Karnataka.

What is the state or regional political party?

Nationalist Congress Party is a regional party.

Name any three 'National Political Parties' along with their symbols.

State the conditions required to be recognised as a ‘regional political party’.

Name any one political party that has national level political organisation but not recognised as the national political party.

Which one of the following facilities is offered by the 'Election Commission' to a recognised political party?

(A) Party name

(B) Election Funds

(C) Election symbol

(D) Manifesto

What is a multi-party system?

Answer the following question in one sentence

What is a political party?

What are the characteristics of a political party?

Answer the following question.
State any one difference between the ruling party and the opposition party.

State whether the following statement is True or False, with reasons.
Nationalist Congress Party is regional Party. 

Give reasons for the following statement:

Mahatma Gandhi had withdrawn the Non-Cooperation Movement.

State whether the following statement is True or False with reason.

People who share common political opinion from political party.

Answer the following :

What measures are taken to ensure that people of different religions will live peacefully?

(A) Two features a and b are marked on the given political outline map of India.

 Identify these features with the help of the following information and write their correct names on the lines marked near them:
 (a) The place where the Indian National Congress Session was held.
 (b) The place where Gandhiji organized 'Satyagraha' in favour of cotton mill workers.

(B) Locate and label the following with appropriate symbols on the same given outline political map of India.

 (i) Raja Sansi – International Airport
 (ii) Bhadravati – Iron and Steel Plant
 (iii) Software Technology Park of West Bengal

Name any one political party of India which grew out of a movement.

"No party system is ideal for all countries and in all situations."Analyze the statement.


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