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Mobile Phone of Today is No Longer a Mere Means of Communication. Music Lovers Are So Glued to It that They Don'T Pay Attention Even to the Traffic While Crossing the Roads. - English Core

Mobile phone of today is no longer a mere means of communication. Music lovers are so glued to it that they don't pay attention even to the traffic while crossing the roads. This leads to accidents sometimes even fatal ones.

Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly advising the students to be careful in the use of this otherwise very useful gadget. Imagine you are Principal of your school.

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Mobile and Its Ill-Effects

“I fear the day when technology surpasses human interaction, we will have a generation of idiots.”
My dear students, a very good morning to one and all.
You might have already guessed why I quoted Albert Einstein. Yes, I am talking about the mania that has gripped this generation. I couldn’t help but notice youngsters swimming so deep in the waves of the gimmicks that these gadgets offer, that they are unconcerned about the surroundings. Just the other day, I read in a newspaper that a girl in New York fell off the harbour because she was too involved in her phone to notice where she was going. Even while crossing roads, children don’t seem to notice the oncoming cars. And music lovers always have earphones plugged in and they don’t seem to hear the blaring horns of the traffic. A lot of youngsters are dying even before they see the dawn of adulthood. And if they are lucky enough to survive, they have to live with a disability for the rest of their lives due to the accident.
Children, you should understand that you have a bright life ahead if you adhere to safety. Gadgets are for our help and convenience, not to lead us to death trap. Stay safe children, and make your parents proud, not sorry.
Thank You.  

Concept: Writing Skill
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