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Mention Three Functions of the International Court of Justice. - History and Civics

Answer in Brief

Mention three functions of the International Court of Justice.

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(i) Voluntary Jurisdiction: Its jurisdiction covers all cases which the parties at dispute refer to it by mutual consent. One party alone may refer the dispute to the Court. If the other party undertakes to defend itself in a case brought before it, the Court interprets it as consent to the reference.
(ii) Evolving procedures for peaceful Settlement of Disputes: At any stage of the disputes the Court may recommend appropriate procedures or methods of settlement. It may also recommend terms of settlement.
(iii) Advisory Opinion: The International Court of Justice gives advisory opinion on any matter of international law as and when requested by the General Assembly and the Security Council.

Concept: General Assembly, the Security Council, and the International Court of Justice
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 History and Civics
Chapter 21 The United Nations Principal Organs – Composition and Functions
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