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Mention the Socio-economic Demands Made by the Moderates. - History and Civics

Answer in Brief

Mention the socio-economic demands made by the Moderates.

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Socio-Economic Demands: The early Congress leaders blamed the imperial Government for growing economic backwardness of the country. They demanded economic reforms. Some of them were as under:
(i) More funds for technical education to promote Indian industries.
(ii) Abolition of salt tax.
(iii) Reduction in land revenue and expenditure on military.
(iv) An enquiry into India’s growing poverty and famines.
(v) Improvement in the conditions of work of plantation workers.
(vi) To end the unfair tariffs and excise duties.
(vii) Extension of the permanent settlement assessment.

Concept: Objectives and Methods of Struggle of the Early Nationalists
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 History and Civics
Chapter 9 The Programme and Achievements of the Early Nationalist
Long Questions | Q 6
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