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Mention the Important Features of a River Valley. - Geography

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Mention the important features of a river valley.

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The shape of contours enable to identify the different features of a river valley. The important features of a river valley are as follows:
Direction of river: It can be found out by studying the general slope of the land. A river always flows from a higher level to lower level, so in whichever direction the land is sloping the river will flow in that direction all the small streams also join the river in the same direction.

Features of a river :

(a) Seasonal non - perennial streams - These dry up in summers and occur in rainy season specially in arid region.

(b) Stream (nallah) or nads.

(c) River (dry) if spwckled shows dry , if coloured blue shows perennial.

(d) River dry with water channel.

(e) River with islands and Rocks.

(f) Disappearing Streams.

(g) confluence is where the tributary meets the main river.

(h) Meander is a bend in the river flowing through a plain.

(i) Broken ground - Generally found along the banks of a streame or river in arid regions where the top soil gets eroded due to flooding during rainy season. This type of land is uncultivable.

(j) River Bank steep 3r meters.

Concept: Contour
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 Geography
Chapter 1 Map Study: Interpretation and Topographical Maps
Long Questions | Q 6
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