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Mention Four Important Reasons for the All India Congress Committee Accepting the Mountbatten Plan. - History and Civics

Answer in Brief

Mention four important reasons for the All India Congress Committee accepting the Mountbatten Plan.

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The Congress accepted the Mountbqtten Plan because:
(i) Any delay in the extension of the British rule was considered harmful in India.
(ii) The Congress was assured that ft was not possible to run the administration of the country jointly.
(iii) It was believed that a smaller India with a strong centre would be more powerful than a larger India with a weak federation and a weak centre.
(iv) The Congress had realised that it would be impossible to work with the Muslim League.

Concept: Mountbatten Plan (Clauses and Its Acceptance)
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 History and Civics
Chapter 17 Towards Partition of India (1944-1947)
Long Questions | Q 5
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