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Mention four advantages of fishery.



Some of the advantages of fishery are listed below:
1. Increment in fish production with more consistency.
2. Better quality of fish with high protein content and low fat content can be raised.
3. Requires less area as compared to dairy and poultry farms.
4. Helps to meet the current seafood demands with the addition of aquaculture stocks in the marketplace.

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Chapter 1: Improvements In Food Resources - Short Question Answer 1 (Carrying 2 Marks) [Page 64]


P S Verma and V K Agarwal Class 9 Biology - Science Part 3
Chapter 1 Improvements In Food Resources
Short Question Answer 1 (Carrying 2 Marks) | Q 47 | Page 64


How are fish obtained?

What are the advantages of composite fish culture?

How do you differentiate between capture fishing, mariculture and aquaculture?

What are the advantages of composite fish culture?

Give the economic importance of fishery.

Describe various methods of fish preservation.

Give an account of different types of fish ponds used for rearing fishes.

All of the following are marine fish EXCEPT

Find out the wrong statement from the following

Which one of the following fish is a surface feeder?

Farming without the use of chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides is known as ______.

Differentiate between the following

Capture fishery and Culture fishery

Give the merits and demerits of fish culture?

What do you understand by composite fish culture?

Management and rearing of fishes only is called as:

What type of cartilage forms the whole of the adult skeleton of cartilaginous fishes?

Which one is not produced in aquaculture?

Culture of fishes along with Agricultural crops is known as ______.

The hatching period in Hatchling pits is ______.

PUFA stands for ______.

______ culture is the oldest and most traditional method of prawn culture practiced in Kerala.

Define the following.


Blue revolution is related with ______.

How is the Fish Meal prepared?

Differentiate Extensive and Intensive Fish culture.

Enumerate the nutritional values of prawns.

What is the nutritional importance of fish liver oils? Name any two marine fishes which yield these oils.

Which one of the following is a marine fish?

What is aquaculture? Give example of an animal that can be multiplied by aquaculture.

Differentiate between pisciculture and aquaculture.

Explain the concept of the Blue Revolution.

Name the following:

Transgenic fish.


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