Mention any 'two' ecological services forthe benefit of mankind - Biology


Mention any 'two' ecological services forthe benefit of mankind



Ecological services for the benefit of mankind are CO2 fixation and release of oxygen.

Concept: Ecosystem Services
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2014-2015 (March)



Discuss the role of healthy ecosystem services as a pre-requisite for a wide range of economic, environmental and aesthetic goods and services

Answer the following question:

Why do Green plants start evolving CO2 instead of O2, at high temperatures?

 Define the Standing crop

Answer the following question.
Mention four significant services that a healthy forest ecosystem provides.

After a fire in a forest, the pioneer stage during secondary succession is ______.

Which of the following enzymes helps in fixing CO2 into malic acid in sorghum plant?

Seed dispersal in squirting cucumber occurs via ______.

Which of the following condition favours the dissociation of oxyhaemoglobin into oxygen and deoxyhaemoglobin?

Which of the following is NOT included in ecosystem services?

Out of the total proposed cost of various ecosystem services, the cost of climate regulations and habitat for wildlife is ______.

Ecosystem is not accepted by which law of thermodynamics?

Classify the following to form Column B as per the category given in Column A:

(Nature trails, Pollination, Sea food, Carbon sequestration, Animal therapy, Pest control, Health care, Nutrient cycling.)

  Column A ColumnB
(1) Supporting services ______
(2) Provisioning services ______
(3) Regulating services ______
(4) Cultural services ______

Primary production is expressed in terms of ______.

The unique feature of hot dilute soup is that there was no free ______ in it.

Based on the table given below, identify the type of natural selection taking place.

Size of the seeds % of germination
Small 75%
Medium 15%
Large 75%


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