Mention Any Three Characteristics of Neanderthal Man that Lived in Near East and Central Asia. - Biology


Mention any three characteristics of Neanderthal man that lived in near east and central Asia.

Mention the important features of the Neanderthal man


Solution 1

Characteristics of Neanderthal man
(i) They possess a brain capacity of 1400 cc.
(ii) They were short but very strong with outward curved thigh bones.
(iii) They used hides to protect their body and to bury the dead. 

Solution 2

Important features of Neanderthal man:

1) Their skull bones were thick

2) The forehead was low and slanting.

3)The eyebrow ridges were heavy.

4) The lower jaw was strong with strong jaw muscles with no chin

5) The cranial capacity was about 1450 cc.

6) They were about 1.5 to 1.66 meters in height i.e. short stature.

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