Medical Check up of 180 Women Was Conducted in a Health Centre in a Village. 50 of Them Were Short of Haemoglobin, 10 Suffered from Cataract and 25 Had Respiratory Disorders - Algebra

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Medical check up of 180 women was conducted in a health centre in a village. 50 of them were short of haemoglobin, 10 suffered from cataract and 25 had respiratory disorders. The remaining women were healthy. Show the information by a pie diagram.

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The measures of central angles are given  in the table. 

 Health condition Number of women Central Angle
Short of haemoglobin 50 `50/180 xx 360 = 100°`
Suffered from cataract 10 `10/180 xx 360 = 20°`
Respiratory disorders 25 `25/180 xx 360 = 50°`
Healthy 95 `95/180 xx 360 = 190°`
Total 180  

The pie digram showing the above data is given below:

Concept: Concept of Pie Graph (Or a Circle-graph)
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Balbharati Mathematics 1 Algebra 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 6 Statistics
Miscellaneous Problems 6 | Q 17 | Page 168
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