Mediators Recognize that the Law is Generally in Place to Uphold Mediator - Client Confidentiality, Most Mediators Agree with the Conditions that the Law Places on Them Relating to Breaching Client - Logical Reasoning

Given below is a passage followed by a statement about that passage. You must select one of the following answers:
Mediators recognize that the law is generally in place to uphold mediator - client confidentiality, however, there are situations that may occur where the mediator is under obligation to break that confidence. This obligation can vary depending upon where the mediator is practicing and it may occur as a result of their employment contract or of the law. Where such an issue does occur, the mediator is expected to firstly try and discuss the presenting issue with their client; however, in situations where the factors under consideration are particularly urgent, it is accepted that this cannot always be the case.
Legitimate breaches of confidentiality relate to circumstances where the information the client has shared relates to anti-national activities; information of this nature must be reported. There are other circumstances where breaching confidentiality may be considered legitimate, for example, in the case of serious crime or suspected child abuse. Mediation service providers and mediators practicing independently have their own boundaries but must agree with this contractually with their client at the outset of the client - counsel relationship.
Most Mediators agree with the conditions that the law places on them relating to breaching client confidentiality.


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Data Inadequate

Concept: Analytical and Logical Reseasoning
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