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How Are the Minerals Absorbed by the Plants - CBSE (Science) Class 11 - Biology

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How are the minerals absorbed by the plants?


The absorption of soil nutrients by the roots of plants occurs in two main phases – apoplast and symplast.

During the initial phase or apoplast, there is a rapid uptake of nutrients from the soil into the free spaces of plant cells. This process is passive and it usually occurs through trans-membrane proteins and ion-channels.

In the second phase or symplast, the ions are taken slowly into the inner spaces of the cells. This pathway generally involves the expenditure of energy in the form of ATP.

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 NCERT Solution for Biology Textbook for Class 11 (2018 to Current)
Chapter 12: Mineral Nutrition
Q: 7 | Page no. 205
Solution How Are the Minerals Absorbed by the Plants Concept: Mechanism of Absorption of Elements.
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