Solution - Measurement of Wavelength by Biprism Experiment



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In biprism experiment two interfering waves are produced due to division of _______.

(A) amplitude

(B) wavefront

(C) amplitude and wavefront

(D) neither wavefront nor amplitude


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In a biprism experiment, when a convex lens was placed between the biprism and eyepiece at a distance of 30 cm from the slit, the virtual images of the slits are found to be separated by 7 mm. If the distance between the slit and biprism is 10 cm and between the biprism and eyepiece is 80cm, find the linear magnification of the image.

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A red light of wavelength 6400A° in air has wavelength 4000A° in glass. If the wavelength of violet light in air is 4400A°, find its wavelength in glass.

(Assume that μ≈ μv)

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In a biprism experiment, a slit is illuminated by a light of wavelength 4800 Å The distance between the slit and biprism is 15 cm and the distance between the biprism and eyepiece is 85 cm. If the distance between virtual sources is 3 mm, determine the distance between 4th bright band on one side and 4th dark band on the other side of the central bright band.

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Describe biprism experiment to find the wavelength of monochromatic light. Draw the necessary ray diagram for magnified and diminished images of virtual sources.

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In biprism experiment, 10th dark band is observed at 2.09 mm from the central bright point on the screen with red light of wavelength 6400 A. By how much will fringe width change if blue light of wavelength 4800A is used with the same setting?

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