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Mayor Peter Stockmann is a contrast to Dr. Thomas Stockmann. Justify. - English

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Answer in Brief

Mayor Peter Stockmann is a contrast to Dr. Thomas Stockmann. Justify.

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From the extract, it can be observed that there is a sharp contrast between the Stockmann brothers. The evidence of this striking contrast is as follows:

  1. Beliefs: Dr. Stockmann is a person who believes in doing what is morally right, no matter the cost. He places the needs of society over his own interests. This can be seen from his eagerness to publish the report about the contaminated water so that the people can be saved from disease. On the other hand, the Mayor tries to suppress the issue as it will harm his reputation and thus protects his own interests over those of the people.
  2. Profession: One is a doctor, dedicated to ensuring the good health of the community and one is a politician who is corrupt and concerned with his image in the eyes of the public and the control of power.
  3. Attitude towards change: The Doctor is an advocate of change and believes in the development of new ideas whereas his brother resists change and believes in keeping things the way they are, even at the cost of the wellbeing of the society.
  4. Majority vs. Minority: The Mayor represents the voice of the majority as he is one of the many who tries to stop the doctor‘s report from being published. On the other hand, Dr. Stockmann represents the minority as he is alone in his efforts to publish the report and reveal the truth to the world.
  5. Brave versus cowardly: In his role as the Mayor of the town, it is the Mayor‘s duty to ensure the safety of the people. However, when he discovers that the baths are contaminated, he refuses to take responsibility for the issue and instead tries to bury the truth. This shows that he is afraid of the consequences and is hence, a coward. On the other hand, Dr. Stockmann is unafraid to stand up for what is right even when nobody is willing to support him. This shows that Dr. Stockmann is brave and noble.
  6. Intelligence and Nature: While the doctor is smart, he is also easily fooled, and hence, one could label him as naïve. On the other hand, the Mayor is cunning, crafty and a master of manipulation. By nature, the doctor is a goodnatured, warm, and generous person while the Mayor is a greedy, materialistic, and dominating.
Concept: Reading Skill
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Chapter 4.3 Extracts of Drama - (B) An Enemy of the People
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