Solution - Mathematical Formulation of Second Law of Motion



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ConceptMathematical Formulation of Second Law of Motion  


A truck starts from rest and rolls down a hill with a constant acceleration. It travels a distance of 400 m in 20 s. Find its acceleration. Find the force acting on it if its mass is 7 metric tonnes (Hint: 1 metric tonne = 1000 kg).


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How much momentum will a dumbbell of mass 10 kg transfer to the floor if it falls from a height of 80 cm? Take its downward acceleration to be 10 m s−2.

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A 8000 kg engine pulls a train of 5 wagons, each of 2000 kg, along a horizontal track. If the engine exerts a force of 40000 N and the track offers a friction force of 5000 N, then calculate:

(a) the net accelerating force;

(b) the acceleration of the train; and

(c)the force of wagon 1 on wagon 2.

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A hammer of mass 500 g, moving at 50 m s−1, strikes a nail. The nail stops the hammer in a very short time of 0.01 s. What is the force of the nail on the hammer?

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A motorcar of mass 1200 kg is moving along a straight line with a uniform velocity of 90 km/h. Its velocity is slowed down to 18 km/h in 4 s by an unbalanced external force. Calculate the acceleration and change in momentum. Also calculate the magnitude of the force required.

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An object of mass 100 kg is accelerated uniformly from a velocity of 5 m s−1 to 8 m 
s−1 in 6 s. Calculate the initial and final momentum of the object. Also, find the magnitude of the force exerted on the object.

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Solution for concept: Mathematical Formulation of Second Law of Motion. For the course 8th-10th CBSE