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Match the word connectors with reference to part I, II, III respectively. Make sentences of each of these connectors. - English

Answer in Brief

Match the word connectors with reference to parts I, II, III respectively. Make sentences of each of these connectors.

No Word   Connector
1. government (a) person
2. betterment of (b) curbs
3. pure and ethical (c) degradation
4. community's (d) launch
5. religions (e) dialogue
6. astonishing (f) silence
7. technological (a) motivation
8. frank (g) aspect
9. social (h) life
10. faith (i) centre
11. inquisitive (j) officials
12. academic (k) problems
13. environmental (l) humanity
14. pin-drop (m) service
15. alternate (n) bodies
16. remarkable (o) evils
17. silent (p) advancement
18. famished (q) brilliance
19. unsuccessful (s) accommodation
20. space-research (t) discipline
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(1) Some government officials came to our village to investigate the killings.
(2) Gandhi's efforts were for the betterment of humanity
(3) The hermit was revered for living a pure and ethical life.
(4) We formed a core team to look into the community problems.
(5) We need religious discipline in order to develop a conscience.
(6) The most astonishing aspect of this great king's personality is his humility.
(7) The district required more skilled manpower for technological advancement,
(8) The teacher had a frank dialogue with the youth about his drug problem.
(9) He left his good secure job in order to dedicate himself to social service.
(10) In order to make progress, people should avoid conservative faith curbs.
(11) The local thieves fear Inspector morse because he is an inquisitive person.
(12) All through his school and college days he displayed academic brilliance.
(13) Plastics are major contributors to environmental degradation.
(14) There was pin-drop silence when the sad news was announced.
(15) The owner was provided alternate accommodation until his flat was renovated.
(16) Lal Bahadur Shastri was a remarkable person,
(17) Our inner beliefs should be the silent motivation to do good to others.
(18) The doctor opened a dispensary in the village in order to cater to famished bodies.
(19) At the first attempt it was an unsuccessful launch
(20) ISRO is a space research centre in Bengaluru.

Concept: Writing Skill
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Balbharati English Kumarbharati 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2.6 Science and Spirituality
English Workshop | Q 10 | Page 98
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