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Match the Ideas by Using the Words in the Brackets. - English Language


Match the ideas by using the words in the brackets.

I. (due to) II. (in order to) III. (in order that) IV. (so as to) (i) (ii)

1. We have decided not to go. ____ because there on holiday this year ______ had recently been a strike by postal workers. 2. The council have planted b. ____ to give Dave trees at the side of the somewhere private to road ______ study before his exams. 3. The parcel has been delayed c. ____ because we want ______ to save money for a new car. 4. We've put a table and chair d. ____ in an attempt in the spare bedroom to reduce traffic noise.


  • I-1-a, II-2-b, III-3-c, IV-4-d

  • IV-1-a, III-2-b, II-3-c, I-4-d

  • I-4-a, II-3-c, III-2-b, I-1-a

  • I-4-a, II-3-c, III-2-b, I-1-a

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I-4-a, II-3-c, III-2-b, I-1-a

Concept: Fill in the Blanks (Entrance Exams)
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