Match the Following: (A) Nagpur Session (1920) (I) Poorna Swaraj - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge

Match the Columns

Match the following:

(A) Nagpur session (1920) (i) Poorna Swaraj
(B) Madras session (ii) Changes in the Constitution of Congress
(C) Calcutta session (1928) (iii) Resolution of Fundamental Rights and National Economic Policy 
(D) Lahore session (1929)  (iv) Return of Gandhiji to active politics after 6 years
(E) Karachi session (1930) (v) Independence resolution passed for the first time
  A B C D E
(a) iii i ii v iv
(b) i ii iv v iii
(c) ii v iv i iii
(d) i iii ii v iv


  • (a)

  • (b)

  • (c)

  • (d)



  A B C D E
(c) ii v iv i iii
Concept: History Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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