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Match the Columns. Column a 1. Magadha, Column B (A) Creator - History and Civics

Match the Columns

Match the columns.

Column A Column B
1. Magadha (a) Creator
2. Ashvamedha yagna (b) Destroyer
3. Grihastha (c) Kosala
4. Shiva (d) Patna and Gaya
5. Brahma (e) Horse sacrifice
6. Avadha (f) Householder
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Column A Column B
1. Magadha (d) Patna and Gaya
2. Ashvamedha yagna (e) Horse sacrifice
3. Grihastha (f) Householder
4. Shiva (b) Destroyer
5. Brahma (a) Creator
6. Avadha (c) Kosala
Concept: Vedas and Vedic Meaning
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