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Match the Statements in Column a with that in Column B.Column a Column B (A) Deliquescent Substance (1) Sodium Bicarbonate (B) Hygroscopic Substance (2) Magnesium Chloride - Chemistry

 Match the statements in column A with that in column B.

 Column A  Column B
 (a) deliquescent substance (1) sodium bicarbonate
 (b) hygroscopic substance (2) magnesium chloride
 (c) efflorestance substance (3) conc. sulphuric acid
 (d) substance causing temporary hardness (4) washing soda
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 Column A  Column B
 (a) deliquescent substance (2) magnesium chloride
 (b) hygroscopic substance (3) conc. sulphuric acid
 (c) efflorestance substance (4) washing soda
 (d) substance causing temporary hardness (1) sodium bicarbonate
Concept: Concept for Water
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Selina Concise Chemistry Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 8 Water
Objective Type Questions | Q 2 | Page 121
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