Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Match the Pairs: - Organisation of Commerce and Management

Match the Columns

Match the pairs:

  Group A   Group B
a. e-business 1. cost reduction
b. B to C 2. Hyper Transfer Text Protocol
c. ATM 3. encryption
d. Payment geteway 4. electronic business
e. HTTP 5. point of sale
    6. Business to Consumer
    7. Business to Business
    8. authorizes payment made online
    9. outsourcing
    10. Automatic Teller Machine
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  Group A   Group B
a. e-business 1. electronic business
b. B to C 2. Business to Consumer
c. ATM 3. Automatic Teller Machine
d. Payment geteway 4. authorizes payment made online
e. HTTP 5. Hyper Transfer Text Protocol

a. E-business (i.e., electronic business) is derived from the terms “e-mail” and “e-commerce”. It refers to the trading of goods
and services through computer systems and online networks. There is no exchange of cash or money across the counter and
the payment is made online with the help of payment gateways.
b. B to C stands for business to consumer. It refers to commercial transactions between business firms and consumers. In this
type of e-business transaction, firms give information about their products on their websites along with information about the
delivery services they provide.
c. The expanded form of ATM is automated teller machine. ATM is an electronic machine that offers convenience to customers,
as they can deposit or withdraw money from their accounts anytime, without having the need to visit the branch of the bank.
d. A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider. Retailers, manufacturers, dealers and sellers of goods
can make payments online in a secure manner with the help of this application.
e. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is a standard protocol between the client and the server which is approved
by the Internet Engineering Task Force. The primary function of this protocol is to provide security in transmitting confidential
information and messages.

Concept: Payment Mechanism
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Micheal Vaz Organisation of Commerce and Management (OCM) HSC 12th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 3 Emerging Modes of Business
Match the pairs | Q 1 | Page 97
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