Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Match the Correct Pairs : - Secretarial Practice

Match the correct pairs : 

  Group 'A'   Group 'B'.
a. Financial plan 1. Savings account
.b Overdraft facility 2. More applications than
.c Under subscription 3. Share warrant holder
d. Dividend coupon 4. Management of business funds
e. Deposit Receipt 5. Share certificate holder
    6. Current account
    7. Evidence of deposit
    8. Owner of the company
    9. Less applications than expected
    10. Advance programming of financial management-
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  Group 'A'   Group 'B'.
a. Financial plan 10 Advance programming of financial management-
.b Overdraft facility 6 Current account
.c Under subscription 9 Less applications than expected
d. Dividend coupon 3 Share warrant holder
e. Deposit Receipt 7 Evidence of deposit
Concept: Importance of Financial Planning
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