Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Match the Correct Pairs: - Organisation of Commerce and Management

Match the correct pairs:

  Group “A”   Group “B”
1 Co‐operative society a Manager
2 F.W. Taylor b 12 hours service
3 Directing function c One member one vote
4 A.T.M. d Government owned
5 Rail transport e Father of scientific management
    f 24 hour service
    g Owned by private companies
    h Father of modern management
    i Maximum business secrecy
    j Worker


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  Group “A”   Group “B”
1 Co‐operative society 1 One member one vote.
2 F.W. Taylor 2 Father of scientific management.
3 Directing function 3 Manager
4 A.T.M. 4 24 hours service
5 Rail transport 5 Government owned.
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