Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Match the Correct Pairs : (A) Fixed Capital Share Certificate Holder Fixed Capital Share Warrant Holder Share Certificate ) Investment in Current Assets Debenturesinvestment in Fixed Assets - Secretarial Practice

Distinguish Between

Match the correct pairs 

Group A Group B
(a) Fixed Capital 1) Share Certificate holder
(b) Equity share Capital  (2) Share warrant holder 
(c) Share Certificate (3) Investment in current assets
(D) Debentures (4) Investment in fixed assets

(e) Dividend warrant

(5)Redeemable capital
  (6) Permanent Capital
  (7) Bearer Document
  (8) Registered Document 
  (9) Interest
  (10) Dividend at a fixed rate 
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Group A Group B
(a) Fixed Capital (4) Investment in fixed assets
(b) Equity share Capital  (6) Permanent Capital
(c) Share Certificate (8) Registered Document 
(D) Debentures (9) Interest

(e) Dividend warrant

(1) Share Certificate holder
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