Match the Columns - Science and Technology 1

  Column I Column II Column III
1 Dispersion Long-sightedness Twinkling of stars
2 Refraction Splitting of white light into component colours Convex lens
3 Hypermetropia Change in the direction of the ray of light due to change in medium Spectrum of seven colours


  Column I Column II Column III
1 Dispersion Splitting of white light into component colours Spectrum of seven colours
2 Refraction Change in the direction of the ray of light due to change in medium Twinkling of stars
3 Hypermetropia Long-sightedness Convex lens
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What is refraction of light?

What is lateral inversion? Explain by giving a suitable example.

Write the word AMBULANCE as it would appear when reflected in a plane mirror. Why is it sometimes written in this way (as its mirror image) on the front of an ambulance?

What type of reflection of light takes place from: 

(a) a cinema screen
(b) a plane mirror
(c) a cardboard
(d) still water surface of a lake

The image of an object formed by a plane mirror is:

(a) virtual
(b) real
(c) diminished
(d) upside-down

If a ray of light goes from a rarer medium to a denser medium, will it bend towards the normal or away from it?

What is meant by 'refraction of light'? Draw a labelled ray diagram to show the refraction of light.

A ray of light travelling in air is incident on a rectangular glass block and emerges out into the air from the opposite face. Draw a labelled ray diagram to show the completer path of this ray of light. Mark the two points where the refraction of light takes place. What can you say about the final direction of ray of light?

When a light ray passes from air into glass, what happens to its speed? Draw a diagram to show which way the ray of light bends. 

 A coin in a glass tumbler appears to rise as the glass tumbler is slowly filled with water. Name the phenomenon responsible for this effect.

With the help of a diagram, show how when light falls obliquely on the side of a rectangular glass slab, the emergent ray is parallel to the incident ray.

Water is optically denser than glass.

A ray of light when passes from glass to air, bends towards the normal.

The depth of a pond when seen from above appears to be less.

Light travels at a lower speed in water than in air.

Image is formed by a mirror due to refraction of light.

Water is optically .......... than air.

When a ray of light travels from air to glass, it bends .......... the normal.

Match the Following

Column A Column B 
(a) white Light  (1) Convex mirror
(b) Refraction (2) Concave mirror
(c) Virtual images  (3) refraction
(d) Real images  (4)  spectrum
(e) Prism (5) ray of light from glass to air 

What do you understand by refraction of light?

Draw suitable diagrams to illustrate how a beam of light incident parallel to the principal axis is reflected by:
(a) a concave mirror, and (b) a convex mirror

A light ray suffers reflection and refraction at the boundary in passing from air to water. Draw a neat labelled ray diagram to show it. 

State the Snell’s laws of refraction of light.

Fill in the blank and Explain the completed sentences.

 The change in ______ of light rays while going from one medium to another is called refraction.

We can see the Sun even when it is little below the horizon because of ______.

Choose and write the correct option.

If we gradually increase the angle of incidence of a ray of light passing through prism then …..

The phenomenon of change in the direction of light when it passes from one transparent medium to another is called ___________.

Explain how the formation of a rainbow occurs.

Due to _______ pencil looks bent in water, in the given experiment.

Lights of different colours are used as signal for safety transport. From these, the wavelength of red light is _______ nm.

Light changes its direction when going from one transparent medium to another transparent medium. This is called _______.

Identify the wrong figure from the following.

The incident rays and refracting rays are on opposite sides of the normal.

The speed of light varies in different media.

Write scientific reason.

The sun appears on the western horizon for some time after sunset.

Write scientific reason.

The bottom of a pond appears raised.

Write scientific reason.

The coin disappears in a vessel as it is seen from a specific location. But as soon as the water is poured into the vessel to a certain level, the coin appears.

Write scientific reason.

A pencil appears to be broken near the surface of water.

Observe the given figure and name the following.

Ray AB  
Ray NM  
Ray MD  
∠ r  

Observe the given figure and write appropriate phenomenon of light in the box.

Explain the working of a periscope.

Why does a ray of light bend when it travels from one medium to another?

Explain with diagrams how refraction of incident light takes place from

  1. rarer to denser medium
  2. denser to rarer medium
  3. normal to the surface separating the two media.

The refractive index of four substances A, B, C, and D are 1.31, 1.43, 1.33, 2.4 respectively. The speed of light is maximum in

The refractive index of a transparent medium is always greater than ______.

Assertion and reasoning type

  1. Assertion: If the refractive index of the medium is high (denser medium) the velocity of the light in that medium will be small
  2. Reason: Refractive index of the medium is inversely proportional to the velocity of the light

What is refractive index?

Which object use the reflection of light?

Which surface will not reflect most of the light falling on them?

When light passes from one medium to another the ray gets bent. This property of light is called ______.

How does the light travel?

Light bends as it passes from one medium to another. What is this phenomenon called?

Light travels fastest in a vacuum. Why?

The bending of light as it passes from one medium to another is called ______.

A ray of light traveling in medium 1 strikes and travels into another transparent medium 2. If the speed of light is greater in medium 1, the ray will ______.

A star appears twinkling into the sky because of the reflection of light by the atmosphere.

Mirage is an example of refraction and the total internal reflection of light.

A water tank appears shallower when it is viewed from the top due to refraction. 

Assertion: The air bubble shines in water.
Reason: Air bubble shines due to the refraction of light.

Which is optically denser out of the two medium M1& M2 having the refractive indices = 1.71 and 1.36 respectively?

Under what circumstances there won’t be any refraction of light when it enters from one medium to another?

The bottom of swimming pool appears to be less deep than the actual one because of

In refraction of light through a glass slab, the directions of the incident ray and the refracted ray are ______.

When a ray of light travels normal to the given surface, then the angle of refraction is ______.


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