Mark the Best Option: the Maximum Duration of Zero Hours in Lok Sabha Can Be _________? - Legal Reasoning


Mark the best option:
The maximum duration of zero hours in Lok sabha can be _________?


  • 1 hour

  • unspecified

  • 30 minutes

  • 2 hours



1 hour
Zero Hour is "the hour at which a planned, especially military operation is timed to begin"; "a crucial moment"-a time set for the beginning of an attack'; "a decisive or critical time" "a time when a vital decision or decisive change in the course of events is impending; crisis; the time set as a basis for reckoning the time of day" It is, however, used in a special sense in the parliamentary parlance in India inasmuch as 'real action' begins in the House at that hour! In that sense, Zero Hour may be defined as the interregnum between the end of Question Hour and the beginning of the regular listed business in the House. It starts at 12 noon. It came to be called an Hour also because very often it continued for one full hour until the House rose for lunch at 1 p.m.

Concept: Indian Constitution (Entrance Exams)
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