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Mark the Best Option: the Indian Constitution Provides How Many Methods of Amendment? - Legal Reasoning

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Mark the best option:
The Indian Constitution provides how many methods of amendment?


  • One

  • Two

  • Three

  • More than three

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Two Special Methods of Amendment under Art 368

  1. Amendment by 2/3rd Majority of Parliament:
    Most parts of the Constitution (with exception of some specific provisions) can be amended by this method. Under this method, the constitution can be amended by the Union Parliament alone. For this purpose, an amendment bill can be passed by each of the two Houses of Union Parliament by a majority of its total membership (i.e. the absolute majority) and by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting in each House. It is a rigid method in so far as it prescribes a special majority for amending the constitution but it is considered to be a flexible method because under it the Union Parliament alone can pass any amendment.
  2. Amendment by 2/3rd Majority of the Parliament plus Ratification by at least half of the several State Legislatures: In respect of some specified provisions of the Constitution, a very rigid method of the amendment has been prescribed. The third method is an amendment by a simple majority for less important issues.
Concept: Indian Constitution (Entrance Exams)
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