Mark the Best Option: the Government Establishes Gram Nyayalaya for Every: - Legal Reasoning

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Mark the best option:
The Government establishes Gram Nyayalaya for every:


  • District

  • Circle

  • Block

  • Tahsilf

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Gram Nyayalayas are mobile village courts in India established under the Gram Nyayalayas Act, 2008 for speedy and easy access to the justice system in the rural areas of India. They are aimed at providing inexpensive justice to people in rural areas at their doorsteps. The Act came into force on October 2, 2009 i.e. the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. (Gram stands for the village; Nyay stands for Justice and Aalya stands for House/center etc)Gram Nyayalaya is a mobile court and exercises the powers of both Criminal and Civil Courts; i.e., the seat of the Gram Nyayalayawill be located at the headquarters of the intermediate Panchayat, but they will go to villages, work there and dispose of the cases. It can try criminal cases, civil suits, claims or disputes which are specified in the First Schedule and the Second Schedule to the Gram Nyayalaya Act and the scope of these cases can be amended by the Central as well as the State Governments, as per their respective legislative competence.

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